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We are often asked if costs and attorney fees can be recovered as part an action to collect.  Costs and attorney fees recovery are governed by NRS 18.005-18.180.  Costs can include filing fees, court reporter fees, service of process fees, expert fees, etc.    NRS 18.020 allows the recovery of court costs to the prevailing party in litigation.  This is applicable where the award is a result of default (the defendant failing to respond) or in a contested action where the matter is eventually decided by a verdict.  NRS 18.110 describes the process to be awarded costs.  The process begins with the prevailing party filing with the court clerk a Verified Memorandum of Costs, or simply a Memorandum of Costs.  The non-prevailing party can object to the requested costs by filing a timely objection.  The Court will ultimately “settle the costs”.  Judges are generally inclined to add an award of costs to a judgment assuming the costs are reasonable, comply with statute and the  statutory steps for recovery are followed.

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