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Senate Bill 1 provides for pre-eviction mediation

The Nevada Legislature met in special session July and August to consider legislation related to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Senate Bill 1 was introduced, passed by both houses and signed by the Governor.  Anticipating a wave of evictions in September, the Legislature will require mediation as a condition to eviction.  SB 1 amends current state law as follows:

“If the Supreme Court or a district court or  justice court
establishes by rule an expedited program of alternative dispute
resolution concerning the eviction of a tenant of any dwelling unit, apartment, mobile home, recreational vehicle or part of a low-
rent housing program operated by a public housing authority, any such eviction
proceedings pursuant to this chapter may be
stayed for not more than 30 days to facilitate the program of
alternative dispute resolution.”
Tenants and Landlords should understand and utilize in good faith this mediation
process when it is fully implemented.  Effective mediation allows landlords to maintain a
tenant and avoid expenses related to releasing the property.  Tenants who attempt to
resolve back rent  payment issues through mediation can avaid the hardships associated
with eviction.  Like any medition, both parties must be willing to compromise.  An
experienced and trained
mediator can help both sides reach a resolution.
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Courthouse to be named for Justice Hardesty

The new Nevada Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Courthouse in Las Vegas at 4th and Clark will be named for Justice Hardesty.  Justice Hardesty has served many years on the Court and has been active in working to improve Court operations.

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