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Ron Parraguirre Becomes Chief Justice

Ron Parraguirre Becomes Chief Justice
Chief Justice Ron D. Parraguirre has assumed the administrative post of the Nevada Supreme Court from Justice James W. Hardesty. During the next year, Parraguirre will focus his efforts, among other tasks, on improving the Supreme Court’s pro bono efforts and supporting specialty courts throughout the state.
With the exception of the Nevada Court of Appeals, Parraguirre has served at every level of the courts in the Nevada judiciary. He also has received and maintained among the highest ratings in the bi-annual judicial surveys during his tenure on the bench.
Parraguirre is a fourth-generation Nevadan and a second-generation judge. His family emigrated from the Basque country to western Nevada in the 1870s to ranch the country south of Carson City.
The chief justice has a variety of responsibilities as administrative head of the state’s legal system and represents the Nevada judiciary with state and local officials and nationally. During his term, former Chief Justice Hardesty was elected Second Vice President and a member of the Board of Directors for the Conference of Chief Justices of the United States.
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