Dismissal Upheld After Repeated Delay Tactics by Pro Se Litigant

In Rodriguez v. Fiesta Palms, LLC, Case No. 72098, 134 Nev. Adv. Op. 78 (Oct. 4, 2018), the Nevada Supreme Court upheld a district court order denying a motion to set aside the judgment under NRCP 60(b). After repeated warnings to the pro se plaintiff by the court that he needed to respond to motions filed by the defendant, the district court judge granted the defendant’s motion to dismiss. Id. At *2. Plaintiff waited five months and three weeks to file a motion to set aside the dismissal under NRCP 60(b). Id. At *3. The Nevada Supreme Court found that the district court had considered the factors set forth in Yochum v. Davis, 98 Nev. 484, 486, 653 P.2d 1215, 1216 (1982), and concluded that they favored denial of Plaintiff’s motion. Id. at *3. Even though the motion was filed less than 6 months after the dismissal order, the district court found that the plaintiff did not act promptly, exhibited a pattern of repeated continuances, and was apprised of the procedural requirements. Id. at *4 – 6. The Nevada Supreme Court afforded “wide discretion” to the district court and concluded that no abuse of discretion took place. Id. at *6.

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