The Fabulous Las Vegas Convention Center

IMG_1982  The Las Vegas Convention Center as it was forty years ago.

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Legal Counsel for Conventions and Expositions

Las Vegas is the convention capital of the world.  First class facilities operated by private hotels and the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority,  amenities including hotels,  restaurants and a world class airport all make Las Vegas the spot for conventions.  Conventions and expositions, also have unique legal issues for both the sponsor of the convention and exhibitors. The Law Office of Hayes and Welsh has twenty five years of experience representing the convention industry in Las Vegas.  Our experience includes:

1.  Former counsel for COMDEX computer show for five years;
2.  Twenty five years as general counsel for semiannual ASD show;
3.  Three years served as trademark/tradename  counsel at SEMA show;
4.  Currently trademark local counsel for federal litigation involving trademark dispute at recent  show;
5.  Former counsel for Sands Expo convention hall; and
6.  Current Counsel for past two years for the WPPI show
Our services include representation in the areas of sales and use tax, business license and regulatory approvals, tradename and trademark, contract review and negotiation, civil litigation, collections and general counsel.
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Las Vegas is the convention and exposition capital of the world. Millions of visitors come to Las Vegas to attend conventions, trade shows, conferences and expositions in world-class facilities. The sponsors and promoters of these businesses as well as the exhibitors and guests have sometimes unique legal and business challenges.


Hayes and Welsh has over twenty-five years of experience representing this industry and has represented several of the largest shows. Our law firm has experience in the following as related to convention and exposition services:


  1. Licenses, including business licenses;
  2. Taxes, including sales taxes and sales tax exemptions;
  3. Intellectual property including trade name and trademarks;
  4. Litigation involving civil and injunctions
  5. Contract review and interpretation


Often, legal needs in this industry arise immediately and require prompt action on the party of an attorney. Our office understands the nature of this representation and is available on short notice to assist as needed. We can also assist prior to the event to help make sure that the legal issues related to the convention, conference or exposition are professionally handled. Hayes and Welsh is your one stop shop for legal representation and legal assistance related to the Las Vegas, Nevada convention industry.

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On December 30, 2014  the Nevada Supreme Court filed an order, ADKT 0410,that amends an existing Policy for handling filed, lodged and presumptively confidential documents and amends the current rule for Nevada Electronic Filing and Conversion Rules.

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Cases to be assigned to the new Nevada Appeals Court

The new Nevada Court of Appeals commenced January 5, 2015.  Nevada Rules of Appealate Procedure identify certain civil cases  that will presumptively be assigned to the new court:

1.Appeals from a judgment of $250,000 or less in a tort action;

2.Appeals involving Chapter 108 statutory liens;

3. Most administrative agency appeals;

4. Most family law cases;

5. Appeals challenging venue;

6. Appeals challenging granting or denial of injunctive relief;

7. Pretrial writ proceedings involving discovery orders or motions in limine;

8. Appeals in trust and estate matters involving less than $5,430,000; and

9. Appeals arising from the foreclosure mediation program

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Request for Foreign Deposition Subpoena

Filing a Request for Foreign Deposition Subpoena in Clark County, Nevada is governed by E.D.C.R 2.80 (a) (2).  The procedure is also described in NRS 53.170.  The pleading to initiate the proceeding is a Request for Foreign Deposition Subpoena which must be accompanied by a $270 filing fee.  The civil cover sheet should be marked “other civil matters” for the Foreign Deposition Subpoena proceedings.

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2015 Legislature

The Law Office of Hayes and Welsh will follow important legislation introduced in the upcoming 2015 Nevada Legislature.

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Office closed for MLK day

The Law Office of Hayes and Welsh is closed for MLK day.

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Effective January 1, 2015, Judge David Barker  is Chief Judge for the Eighth Judicial District Court in Nevada.  Judge Barker has served as a District Court Judge since 2007.  Judge Barker has been practicing law since 1984  and is assigned to Department 18.  Prior to election as Chief Judge, Judge Barker served on the Judges Executive Committee.

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Dangers of internet legal forms

A recent article in Nevada Lawyer and authored by attorney Rob Graham describes the dangers with  relying on internet legal forms, particularly wills.  Mr. Graham points out that “inadequately or poorly expressed plans result in substantial expenses to heirs and trust beneficiaries.    Problems that arise include the clouded expressed intent of a testator or truster, the improper titling of assets, incorrectly named beneficiaries and the like…”

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